Cumbo Family Reunion Group Photos

We celebrated our 2016 Cumbo Family Reunion July 15-17 in Williamsburg, Virginia. The reunion reconnected Cumbo family branches literally  separated by hundreds of years.  The weekend brought together at least two distinct family branches who trace their ancestry all the way back to Emanuell Cambow – the Cumbees of Brunswick County North Carolina and the Cumbos of Northampton County North Carolina.

The Brunswick Cumbees were represented by Denise Cumbee Long, whose great-great grandfather was Isom (Isham) Cumbo (Cumbee), born a free man of color in 1802. Isom lived in the Green Swamp area of Brunswick County where he had over a hundred acres of farmland and started a family. Isom’s grandfather was Cannon Cumbo of Roberson County, a great-grandson of Emmanuell Cambow.

The Northampton Cumbos were represented by most of the rest of us of the reunion attendees who trace their ancestry back to Britton Cumbo born a free person of color around 1825, who was orphaned as a young boy in 1837, and who died in 1898 as the Cumbo family patriarch and who owned 50 acres of farmland.   Britton Cumbo and his wife Mary had 7 children James Henry, Junius Matthias known as “Bug”, Sarah Frances known as “Puss”, Virginia Ellen, Hezekiah Thomas, William Britton known as “Shine” and Mary Ann known as “Mollie”. Reunion attendees represented descendants of 6 of the 7 branches of the family.

Here are our some group family photos from the reunion.

Cumbo Family group photo

Cumbo Family Reunion Photo

Isom Cumbee Branch


James Henry Cumbo Branch


Junius Matthias “Bug” Cumbo Branch

Cumbo Pope


Sarah Frances “Puss” Cumbo Boone Branch



Hezekiah Thomas “Tom” Cumbo Branch


William Britton “Shine” Cumbo Branch



Mary Ann “Mollie” Cumbo Manley Branch


Mollie Cumbo Descendants 2



  1. My name is Stephanie. I was reading about a free Woman name Edith Cumbo. It catch my interest. My Great Grandfather name is Percy Cumbo. He was born around 1914. He lived in Murfreesboro, North Carolina, the county is Hertford. I do not know much about my Great Grandfather side of the family. I would like to know about my side of the family. He have passed away now.

    Thank you

    1. Cousin great to meet you! Was your Percy married to Gladys Carroll? I have Percy Cumbo in my tree, married to Gladys, as the son of Henry Thomas Cumbo, grandson of James Henry Cumbo and great grandson of Britton Cumbo, all of Northampton NC.

  2. My name isDeborah , my 3x grandmother was Missouri Combo Sharp I think from Cofied or Winston, Hertford county. She married Robert Sharp. Their children were Percell sharpe, Preston Sharp, Katherene sharp and Daisy Sharp. Do you know anything about them? Thank you

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