I am a Washington DC native with family roots in the American south and a passion for discovering new ancestors and learning their stories.  As an African American, I knew that I descended from enslaved persons and likely slave owners.  Through my family tree research I was surprised to discover that I also descend from free people of color, Native Americans, multi-racial persons and Melungeons.  Discovering my free people of color ancestry in particular has unlocked a rich aspect of American history previously unknown to me which I am now learning more about through the lens of my own ancestry.  I’ve found that researching my Cumbo ancestry in particular is exciting because of the family’s significance in American history and availability of documentation.  The Cumbo family, with its various branches who today identify as black, white and Native American represents a diverse tapestry that’s quintessentially American.

I am not a professionally trained historian or genealogist.  By day I work in the business and technology world.  I hold an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Business Administration from Morehouse College.  I research in my spare time.  When I realize (or am gently reminded by loved ones) that I’m spending more of my time researching the dead than enjoying the living I shut my computer down.  I say all of this to say that my blog posts are from the perspective of a genealogy hobbyist with a passion for uncovering and sharing the rich history of the Cumbo family in America. I created this website to provide a place for Cumbo descendants to share and learn about our precious family history and ensure that it lives on.

Andre Kearns
60.4% African, 37.6% European, 2.0% East Asian, Native American, Other
Twitter: @CumboFamilyTree
Facebook: Cumbo Family Reunion


With my sons visiting Jamestown where Emanuell Cambow arrived from Angola on a slave ship.  He served as a slave/indentured servant, was freed, patented 50 acres and started a Cumbo family that now extends to all of us.




  1. Please contact me via my email address. I bet I know some of your folks. I’m not that good with this way of talking. Nevertheless, I am 50.8% Sub-Saharan African, and 46.9% European and bits and pieces of the remainder of the earth. I’m so close to nailing down who that white ancestor was but I need someone to help me understand my DNA, and more importantly, the DNA from my male 1st cousin, who is now deceased. WE are BOTH on GEDMatch with these Kit numbers:
    M939499 = =Me
    M174825 = = Andrew – a 1st cousin on my father’s, McGhee, side
    Both of these kits originated with 23andMe
    Andrew also has results in ftdna that I sent to GEDMatch resulting in K#Z156122
    Let me hear from you? I’ve been looking for the originator of that surname for over 30 years, and DNA analysis is my last hope!

  2. In June 1778, Edith Cumbo takes steps to protect her property and household when she takes Adam White to the York County Court, located in Yorktown, and sues him for trespass, assault and battery.

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